Berkeley Lab


Designing accelerators and their upgrades has become critically dependent on advanced modeling and simulation. LBNL is coordinating an emergent collaborative effort called CAMPA, the Consortium for Advanced Modeling of Particle Accelerators. Bringing together efforts by ourselves, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and Fermilab, the proposed consortium supports the DOE’s mission by developing, maintaining, distributing, supporting, and applying advanced computational tools for accelerator and beam physics and related areas of electromagnetic simulation.

The nature and uses of these simulation “codes” are as diverse as accelerators themselves. Simulation helps us design and understand all types of accelerators — whether linacs or storage rings; whether for leptons or hadrons or ions with multiple charge states — and all parts of the system-of-systems that is a modern accelerator facility, from injectors through interaction points. Novel approaches such as laser-plasma accelerators, and devices with related physics such as ion traps, also benefit.