Berkeley Lab


A common theme among the three CAMPA locations is that accelerator physicists have opportunities to collaborate with applied mathematicians and computer scientists in a coherent structure. LBNL, for instance, is the home not only of accelerator-modeling expertise, but also a pair of invaluable central resources for modeling and simulation: a strong and highly collaborative computational research division, and the National Energy Research Supercomputing Center. The result: advanced algorithms, realized in more-capable codes with more-accurate multiphysics content, thus accelerating the pace of advancement in accelerator science.

Algorithm Development

CAMPA’s codes contain a remarkably large number of novel algorithms (including the “Lorentz boosted frame” approach) that were introduced by the developers. Many of these algorithms have been adopted elsewhere. The culture of innovation that permeates the CAMPA team will be a key asset for addressing the multiple challenges that will arise with the consolidation of code suites, the addition of new physics, and the porting of codes to emerging platforms.

Algorithm/method Reference Originated Adopted by
Parallel finite-element frequency domain eigensolver Zhan, Stanford Ph.D. thesis 1998 ACE3P
Stochastic Leap-Frog for Brownian motion Qiang & Habib, PRE 2000 IMPACT
Spectral-finite difference multigrid solver Qiang & Ryne, CPC 2001 IMPACT
Improved Perfectly Matched Layers Vay, JCP 2000/JCP 2002 Warp Osiris
AMR-PIC electrostatic Vay et al., LPB2002 Warp
Filter algorithm for large-scale eigenvalue problems Sun, Stanford Ph.D. thesis 2003 ACE3P
Visualization of large, complex line-based datasets Schussman, UC Davis Ph.D. thesis 2003 ACE3P
Secondary emission of electrons algorithm Furman & Pivi, PRST-AB 2003 Posinst TxPhysics, Warp, spacecraft charging codes
AMR-PIC electromagnetic Vay et al., CPC 2004 Emi2D Warp
3D Poisson solver with large aspect ratio Qiang & Gluckstern, CPC 2004 IMPACT
Shift-Green function method Qiang et al, CPC 2004 BeamBeam3D
Integrated Green function Ryne & Qiang ML/IMPACT,
BeamBeam3D, IMPACT 
Hybrid Lorentz particle pusher Cohen et al., NIMA 2007 Warp
Lorentz boosted frame Vay, PRL 2007 Warp INF&RNO, JPIC, Osiris, Vorpal
Explicit Lorentz invariant particle pusher Vay, PoP 2008 Warp Tristan, THISMPI,

Photon-Plasma, PIConGPU

Parallel time domain and PIC in finite element Candel et al., ICAP 2009 ACE3P
Shape determination of accelerator cavities Akcelik et al., JCP 2009 ACE3P
Adaptive error estimators for electromagnetic field solvers Chen, Stanford Ph.D. thesisĀ  2009 ACE3P
High-order FFT method for convolution integral w/ smooth kernel Qiang, CPC 2010 N/A
Mixed Particle-Field decomposition method Qiang & Li, CPC 2010 BeamBeam3D IMPACT, Synergia
Moving window technique in unstructured grid Lee et al., JCP 2010 ACE3P
PIC with tunable electromagnetic solver Vay et al., JCP 2011 Warp Vorpal, Osiris
Efficient digital filter for PIC Vay et al., JCP 2011 Warp Vorpal, Osiris
Domain decomposition for EM spectral solver Vay et al., JCP 2013 Warp